Kepkep dies molds Co. has been founded on 1983 as designer and manufacturer of small size dies and molds. 

Today the Co is performing among the best mold die makers using computer aided design and manufacture methods. 


The Company has a deep experience on the preparation of precision parts, complete dies and molds for small size parts (plastic parts up to 100 gr, metal parts up to 30 gr). 


We are already technically supporting and maintaining the production of Kepkep Telecomunication products and Kepkep Medical products.


Principal Areas of Market
- Progressive cutting and bending tools. 
- Plastic molds. 
- Precision parts such as aviation parts, punch and dies for automatic punch machines. 
- Special tools for powder compressing and sintering 
- Jewellery tools. 

      List of Equipment

1- Mitsubishi wire EDM

1- Elox sinker EDM

1- Mitsubishi CNC EDM

1- Jung profile grinder

2- Bridgeport DRO Milling machines

1- Miscelenous hand grinders

1- Inner and outer diameter, cylindrical grinder

1- Conventional tool makers lathe

3- Macintosh drawing computers

1- Mitutoyo PV 300 profile projector

1- Miscelenous measuring equipment.

1- Vertical plastic injection machine

1- Miscelenous Arburg injection machines

5- Raster automatic feed punch pres.


Kepkep die & Mold Co. is awarded by TSEK quality certificate. 

Kepkep die & Mold is a member of KEPKEP GROUP OF COMPANIES consisting of Kepkep Telecommunication, Kepkep Medical, and Kepkep Import Eksport ve Dis ticaret A.S. 


İTOSB 2. Cadde No:36 34959-Tepeören-Tuzla/İSTANBUL-TURKEY

Tel: (+90) - 216 352 4187   (+90) - 216 352 5369
Fax: (+90) - 216 370 1489