MKU 12 Fiber Optic Connection Box  

The box is made of RAL 7035 Gray ABS Plastic Material The inside is reinforced with a stainless
steel frame the cover is connected to the body by twohinges. The box is IP 54 protection class.
Fixing holes are conveniently located for easy installipon on the wall.
Special cable fixing hooks are provied for easy positioning of fiber cables.
There are speacial cable input and output glandes for easy insertion & output of fiber cables.
The input cables are connected to the earth by means of a connecting clamp mechanizm.
The cable fusion points are securely protected by a speacial tray with 12 fiber capacity .
The box is provided with a holding frame to accomadate ST, SC or LC type adaptors.
This box is custom designed for teminating 12 fibers.

Dimensions :
W : 170 L : 210 D : 80 mm

Weight : 760 Gr 1.70 lb