ADSL Module Group


1.General structure

ADSL Module group is designed for unifying the voice input and high frequency input of internet access on the same subscriber line. In order to obtain this property there is one (pair) input from incoming side (for voice) and one other input from the adjacent contacts (for ADSL high and low frequencies) and the output from the opposite side (outgoing side) of the module. This feature is performed by the help of a splitter with a double side golden finger contact pub on which one side is in contact with inputs i.e voice and ADSL signal. Other side is in contact with the unified contacts.

As a result the unit serves as a unifier of voice and ADSL to the subscriber side of the line.

Benefits of ADSL Module group:

a) Splitters are inserted from the back side of the module which is being provided easy and continuous access to the cable side of Modules.Therefore cabling on front side is made easily with no any disturbing the other subscribers.

b) Splitters are hidden at the rear side to keep away from any mechanical touch disturbance etc. there is no danger of miscontact problem due to operator touch or vibration etc

c) The splitters place (rear side is accessible by the help of an hinge which provides easy access to the back

d) Splitters are positioned in the rear side inside of the metal cage to keep away from magnetic field effects.

e) Metal frame is made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion

f) Several cable grommets are provided to keep cables safe and free from cuts.

g) First 25 pairs are black and second 25 pairs are orange colored for easy distinction.

h) Capacity is 50 pairs (unified) for each group

i) There is a label on top of each unit and the bottom of body to note the Rack no /Sub rack No/ Cable ref etc

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